• “I discovered Deandra several years ago when she was working at a Pilates studio near my house. I fell in love with her technique as well as humorous personality. Since then I have followed her to her new location and been drawn to the expertise she provides as well as her personal involvement in her client’s overall health. I am not overstating when I say she is responsible for how my mental & physical health have changed, for the better, over the years I have known her. My 3 times a week with her became a stabilizing platform from which I was able to spring forward into my authentic life. She is simply the BEST!”  -Margo O.
  • “I have been going to Deandra for about eighteen months and I can honestly say she has changed my life.  Her one-on-one, personal approach is tailored to my specific needs.  Her knowledge of the musculature of the human body is quite thorough and affords her the ability to alter the movements to adapt to whatever limits I may have and still get me the benefits I need.  She is professional and yet also very much in sync with me as a person.  While I’ve never worked with a trainer before I can’t imagine anyone offering a better experience than I’ve had.”  -Mark C.
  • “Deandra pays great attention to your body and what it needs and works from there.  She is incredibly in tune with how to get results and what is best for your body.  She listens and works around injuries you have and maximizes the time you have with her.  She is well trained and continues her education so you are sure to get the best one-on-one experience.  Plus, her massages are the best in town!!!!!  I would highly recommend Integrative Elements for your Pilates, Yoga, Gyrotonic and Massage needs!”  -Elizabeth S.
  • “I have had the honor to workout with Deandra for close to 10 years…she has great passion for her profession and takes every opportunity to study and learn.  You might not want to book her first appointment when she is just back from a seminar or workshop but we all benefit and grow stronger thanks to her dedication and spirit.  I was guided to her door and I’m thankful every day…it’s been amazing!”  -Susan G.
  • “Deandra has made a positive difference in my life and I would highly recommend her. I am a woman in my early sixties who has scoliosis (about a 70 degree curve). Deandra’s Pilates and especially the Gyrotonics have helped me to maintain strength and flexibility so that I can hopefully continue relatively pain-free. Her sessions keep me feeling good in both mind and body, and her massages are amazing. She seems to instinctively know what I need each week – even my back feels straighter after a session. She is a very caring and skillful professional. Thanks, Deandra.”  -Shelley C.
  • “I have worked with Mind/Body Integration for several years and am so pleased to know that my body, mind and spirit are in the best possible hands when in session with Deandra! Deandra has the unique ability to know exactly what my personal biomechanics are in need of, whether it be Gyrotonics, Pilates or Massage, she knows exactly where I need to be fine-tuned. Deandra rocks it at Integrative Elements!”  -Chris R.S.
  • “I have been seeing Deandra for massage for about a year and a half and I can honestly say that she is the BEST massage therapist I have ever been to!  I have a lot of experience with bodywork myself and can tend to be quite picky, the first time I went to Deandra for bodywork, I knew I was in good hands.  The studio is beautiful, clean and has a very relaxing atmosphere, very cozy.  I always feel comfortable to let her know exactly what is going on with my body and she has a lot of intuition as to what I need every time.  It is always a treat  to get bodywork done, especially by someone that I really feel I can trust to help my my body heal, I won’t go to anyone else anymore.  Thank you Deandra!  You really are the best!”  -Farzaneh K.
  • “Deandra of Integrative Elements was/is a life saver for me. I was referred to her by a close friend about 4 years ago. I was suffering with extremely painful sciatica and stenosis of my lower back. I could only stand for a few minutes and then I would have to sit down to get out of the pain. I was a few days from steroid injections and possible surgery when I started to see Deandra, 2 times a week for about a year. I was able to cancel my injections and avoid the surgery, never looking back. She is a wonderful teacher, healer, therapist, masseuse and much more. Recovery doesn’t happen overnight, so give Deandra some time and you will be quite pleased. BTW, I still see her once a week and I really look forward to that. I’m still pain and symptom free too!”  -Duke N.
  • “So grateful Deandra has come in to my life. I’ve been suffering from back pain for years. My injury has nearly halted all of my physical activities, such as, spinning, weight training, running, kick boxing, yoga etc. I was left with walking and horrible nights of sleep.  After my first Gyrotonics session, I had noticeable improvement. Within 2 sessions, my sleep has drastically improved, 6 sessions, I was riding my bike again – can’t wait to get back to my level of activity of a few years ago.  I sense it is just around the corner. Deandra’s precise awareness of the body, biomechanics and compensation patterns has allowed for safe, gradual and corrective progress in my path to healing.
    Plus….. she’s incredible, smart, intuitive, compassionate, knowledgable and eager to partner with her clients on the road to recovery and/ or improvement.”  -Lisa R.
  • “Deandra is simply a great person to work with. Each time I see her I leave feeling better. I wish I was able to do Pilates and Gyrotonics with her on a more consistent basis. As a former dancer I love working with Deandra because she understands the body in a way that many people don’t and she is incredibly inspiring. I feel like I only have a small window of time each week for myself and Deandra is one of the people I make sure to see as much as I can. She loves her job and has a passion for teaching that is immediately noticeable. She is genuine, hard working and just a very nice person!”  -Kristen M.

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